Protein In Dogs

It is crucial for your dog’s health that the dog food protein is of the correct type for your dog, so where can your dog get the right type of protein?

Well, this article will help answer this question…

Protein In Dogs

Natural Protein Sources for Dogs

In light of the messy dog food recall, it’s important to consider some natural protein sources for your pet. New brands are getting added to the recall list every week, so it might be better to be safe than sorry.

There are five common foods that are great sources of protein for your dog that you can find at the grocery store. Some of these sources will require a little more work and money than others, but they are all great sources of protein for mans best friend. Keeping an adequate amount of protein in your dog’s diet will help them stay healthy and active.

Protein Source from Eggs

protein for dog,dog with proteinThe first food that is a great source of protein is eggs. Eggs are very cheap and are a great source of protein for both humans and dogs. You do have to cook the eggs for your dog as well. Dogs cannot eat raw eggs due to its reaction with vitamins. Cooked eggs are an easy and cheap way to get protein in your dog’s diet.

The Right Balance of Milk

Another great source of protein for your dog is whole milk. You do need to be careful though, as too much milk will cause digestion problems, and upset stomach. An excessive amount of milk could also give you dog diarrhea. You want to make sure you measure the amount of milk your dog is getting and do not exceed two ounces of fluid milk, and two tablespoons of dry milk in each pound of dog food. This amount will prevent your dog from having trouble digesting milk.

Cottage Cheese Has As Much Protein as Horse Meat

Cottage cheese is another cheap, and easy way to get more protein in your dog’s diet. The protein in cottage cheese is different than that of the whole milk, so you don’t have to worry about digestion. Cottage cheese does not have to be cooked or measured exactly, so it is an easy way to give your some extra protein.

Using Cheese for Energy and Protein

Cheese is another great source of protein. Cheese also contains fat that cottage cheese does not have. This fat will give your dog energy, as well as protein. Cheese tends to be a little more expensive than the eggs, or cottage cheese, but well worth the money.

Cooked Fish

Another common food that is a great source of protein is fish. You don’t often hear about people feeding their dogs fish, but there is no reason you can’t. Fish is a great source of protein, but it, just like eggs, needs to be cooked. Cooking the fish will ensure that the harmful chemicals are destroyed, and is ready for consumption.

These are all great ways to get more protein in your dog’s diet. These food choices are all commonly found in your grocery store, and are inexpensive. Most of these items are probably in your refrigerator already. Keeping your dog healthy takes more than just walking them and piling on a cup of dried food. By using natural foods like eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, and fish you can increase your dogs protein and help them maintain an active lifestyle.

Important Note:

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