Natural Dog Diet

We’re a firm believer that one of the best ways to protect your pet is to feed him a high-quality dog food every day. Now, that does mean that you must seek out real dog food quality and disregard those brands of dog food that provide little or no nutrition and are chemically laden, especially if you have a special needs dog and you must use a hypoallergenic dog food * because your pet has dog food allergies or you have a chubby pooch that needs a diabetic dog food.

Whatever your situation may happen to be, it would be in your pet’s best interest to check out the Drs. Foster & Smith brand of pet food.

Drs. Foster And Smith Pet Food: Complete & Wholesome Daily Diets

Natural Dog Diet

When choosing a food for your pet, keep in mind one important point: proper nutrition is key to keeping your best friend healthy and happy for years to come. Choose a quality food with healthy, wholesome ingredients to keep your best friend in optimal health.

Now you can rely on our veterinarians’ extensive research, experience, and expertise for the complete, balanced nutrition you want for your pet. Drs. Foster & Smith healthy pet foods are formulated with wholesome, delicious, healthy ingredients. They’re meticulously tested for quality throughout their entire manufacturing process – from mixing the ingredients to sealing the packaging. And they contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors, flavors, or by-products.

Only the healthiest ingredients

Drs. Foster & Smith pet foods meet or exceed the standards recommended by AAFCO with high quality sources of protein, fats, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that have been carefully selected and included in the correct amounts to provide optimal nutrition.

Protein for strong muscles and healthy tissues comes from highly digestible real chicken, lamb meat, ocean whitefish, salmon, and herring. And the doctors carefully established protein percentages in each individual formula to best fulfill the needs of growing puppies/kittens, adult dogs and cats, and senior pets, respectively.
organic dog foods,healthy dog foodsWhole vegetables and fruits such as carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, tomatoes, cranberries, and blueberries serve as quality sources of vitamins and antioxidants.
Energy-boosting carbohydrates are found in quality, natural sources like rice, whole barley, and whole sweet potatoes.
Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat are derived from quality sources such as sunflower oil (Omega-6), whole ground flaxseed (Omega-3), and marine fish oils (Omega-3).
Natural, quality fat sources like chicken fat provide necessary energy and maximum flavor.
Quality fiber sources such as beet pulp, whole barley, pea fiber, and rice bran help maintain digestive system health naturally.

Natural – not artificial – ingredients

Drs. Foster & Smith pet foods are also nutritionally significant for what they do not contain. You will not find artificial ingredients, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, or by-products – meat or otherwise. The natural brown color of the doctors’ foods is the result of the natural ingredients in each unique formula. Each Drs. Foster & Smith pet food is preserved with natural preservatives such as Vitamin E, rosemary, and citric acid.

A wise investment in your pet’s health

In addition to being nutritious, the doctors’ healthy foods are, in fact, quite affordable. Consider this…some pet foods require that you feed a 50-pound adult dog about 4 cups a day. With Drs. Foster & Smith pet food, you’ll feed the same 50-pound dog only 2 1/3 cups to provide the same, if not higher levels of nutrients. In fact, the doctors’ foods are so packed with usable nutrients, you’ll consistently feed less, spend less to have a healthy dog, and pick up much less waste.

Extensive research, thought, and effort went into each formula, and every step in the production process has met our high standards for quality and quality control.