It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

It appears to us as though there is just no let-up on the number of issues we have to face every single day day. Sadly, we now have to be concerned not only about what we ourselves eat, but also about what we feed our pets. This article principally focuses on dogs, but cats face a similar issue: the contents of pet food is poisonous!

It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

It is almost incomprehensible what is in pet food these days. You may buy the regular brands at your local grocery store: Gravy Train, Little Friskies (cat food), Purina, Pedigree, Kibble and Bits, and so forth. When you were young, you probably saw your parents give these brands to your pets all of the time and never thought anything of it.

It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

Well, the secret is out – this stuff is slowly poisoning your pets every single time you feed them. We really don’t know where to begin … this stuff is loaded with all sorts of chemicals: artificial flavorings and colors, synthetics, preservatives, fillers, artificial sources of vitamins – if you can even call it that.

All of that is bad enough, but that is absolutely nothing compared to the so-called protein sources: most of these low-quality made-in-China (remember the dog-food recalls of numerous foreign wood processing chemicals that somehow made their way into some dog food brands that actually killed a number of animals in the USA) pet foods get their raw materials from the rendering plants. These are factories that make a grey soup that is made up of sick, diseased, dead animals from the zoo, vet clinics, or anywhere else that animals are kept and have died. The people in charge of these dead animals pay to have the carcasses destroyed; instead they end up at the rendering plant. That means that dogs that died of Parvo, for example, may end up in the food you give to your pets.

So, with the drugs and bacteria like Salmonella and Escherichia coli thriving in such meats, as they don’t always die during the manufacturing process, and when moldy grain is thrown in, as well as all the other ersatz constituents, the numbers of which are too many to count with both hands, you then have a fatal canine cocktail. It doesn’t take a nutrition expert to realise that this spells disaster for the end user, i.e., innocent little Fido.

Problem is, your pet is expending lots of energy every day trying to rid his system of all of these toxic poisons. This is why so many pets have chronic skin conditions: their body is trying to expunge the toxins. Your pets will also have a weakened immune system from these toxins (as well as from de-wormers, vaccinations, and the many other chemicals that he is exposed to or ingests each day). When your pet’s immune system is down then he is vulnerable to all sorts of viruses, germs, bacteria, etc. It is crucial to feed your pets a natural, healthy dog or cat food. We have seven dogs and we’ve done a load of research into this problem.

After months of research, we found what we consider is the best natural dog food there is. It has no fillers, chemicals, by-products of any kind, no artificial flavor/color, no synthetics, and they did not have any food recalls. They only use wholesome ingredients and they NEVER obtain materials from any of those rendering plants.

Please, if you want your pets to live longer, you owe it to them to feed them a high-quality dog food. Take a look at our recommended dog food site. Then, see what we do with our seven dogs to keep them healthy with NO Vaccinations, and no vet visits. They’re Parvo-free, even though we’re in the 3rd worst state for Parvo in the nation.