How Dog Food Is Made

Drs. Foster And Smith Pet Food: How It’s Made

How Dog Food Is Made

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff


To ensure that our foods met the quality standards you’ve come to expect from products carrying the Drs. Foster & Smith name, our veterinarians were intimately involved at every step in the production process – from formula development through production to quality control.

Research & Development

The research and planning for Drs. Foster & Smith foods started long before our first bag was produced. Because of the importance of proper nutrition for pets, Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith analyzed available pet food formulas, talked with breeders, trainers, and pet owners, and consulted with leading nutritionists in order to develop formulas that met the doctors’ high standards.

After careful consideration, testing, and analysis, the doctors selected the best formulas for each life stage, using only the ingredients that would benefit your pet most: real meat (as the first – or one of the first three – ingredients), wholesome whole grains, whole fresh fruits and vegetables, quality fat sources, and much more. You’ll find our formulas are much more nutrient-dense than most other foods, allowing you to feed less while offering your pet exceptional nutrition that is highly digestible.



Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith explored manufacturing facilities nationwide and chose the one they felt would best be able to produce the formulas we developed. We also set very high quality control measures to ensure every batch consistently met our expectations. Not only did we choose the most capable manufacturer, we reviewed every step in the production process to ensure that our ingredients were processed to ensure maximum nutritional potency. At times, some of our suppliers seemed a little surprised at our level of involvement, but we wanted to ensure that even the smallest steps and the smallest decisions had our stamp of approval.

Committed to the Health of Your Pets

As the overall pet food industry continues to research pet food nutrition, introduce healthier pet foods and foods targeted to individual life stages and/or diets (such as puppy, senior, kitten, lite, and maintenance formulas), we will strive to incorporate all relevant innovations in our Healthy pet foods.

As veterinarians, our ultimate goal is to provide pet owners with the tools to help their pets live long, happy, healthy lives. Our new Healthy pet foods offer your pet optimal health benefits – better overall body condition, healthier skin, a softer and healthier coat, improved muscle tone, better disease resistance, and a higher activity level – benefits that only excellent nutrition can provide. We’re proud to bring you and your pets these new, Healthy foods, and we will continue to strive to offer the best nutritional products on the market.