Find Out What Is The Best Dog Food

Are you still searching for the best dry dog food? If you’ve been thinking about this lately, that is excellent. You see, when you feed your pets a poor, low-quality pet food, he will suffer in ways you can’t imagine.


We lived in California and fed our dogs Kirkland Signature Lamb and Rice from Costco. When we moved to another state, the nearest Costco was about three hours one way and they did not have a dog food delivery program, so we had to find another solution.

There was little choice at our local small market and we ended up having to feed them Purina Dog Chow. If we had any other choice we would not have used this dog food.

After a few weeks of using this food, we noticed that our 6 pound male Chihuahua began to have epileptic seizures a few times a month. This was new – he had never had them before. The standard treatment for this is Phenobarbital, a very potent drug (i.e. it is a barbiturate which is a central nervous system depressant, that does have a list of side-effects longer than your arm). We absolutely hate drug/chemicals. We live in a very rural area and even if we wanted to pump our dogs with this stuff, we couldn’t.

In fact, we actually found an herbal product for this problem that looked very promising: PetAlive EaseSure. Although, we actually did not get a chance to use this product as you’ll see why.

Anyway, whenever he would sense one of these episodes coming on he would instinctively come over to me and ask for a pick-up. He felt safe and secure in my lap. During the episode he was completely helpless. He could not control his body and he looked so sad. It was really gut-wrenching watching this. It lasted for just a matter of moments but each time it seemed liked hours passed. Once it was over, slowly he began to come back and would return to normal. I felt terrible seeing him in that helpless condition. I was always worried if, for example, he was on the couch, would he fall off and hurt himself. These thoughts were with me on a regular basis.


After months of searching, we found that Drs. Foster & Smith delivers some of the best dog foods we could find. This meant that we would not have to spend all day shopping and schlepping. Besides this being an absolute time saver, something else happened once we switched from Purina to Dr Foster & Smith exclusive dog food.

Overall, we think this is great value for the dollar spent; and with no chemicals, no fillers, no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and no by-products, meat or otherwise, makes this a highly nutritious food that will help keep your dogs healthy. If you keep your dogs healthy, that will be their first line of defense against all of kinds of germs, bacteria, viruses, etc.