Dachshund Food

Dachshund health is to a large part dependent on the kibble dog food that you feed them, as this article demonstrates:

Foods That Matter To Dachshunds

Understand what your dog must get to keep him healthy and happy…

Dachshund Food

So what keeps your Dachshund energize daily? Are you sure you are giving him the right foods? As we all know, foods are important for every creature’s growth, to keep us energize and enable us to do our tasks well daily.

The same thing it goes for dogs. Give them foods with less or no nutritional value and expect anytime soon that you will be dealing with health issues because the body didn’t get the right nutrients it needs.

There are many arguments as well as options on what foods are to be given to Dachshunds. There are various types of foods to choose from ranging from dry to canned foods in addition to homemade ones. Arguments between commercial and homemade foods have been raised among dog experts and enthusiasts. Is there really difference between the two? What makes one better than the other? These are some of the questions oftentimes raised when talking about dog foods.

daschund food,puppies food Commercial dog foods have been widely used nowadays because of the convenience it brings. With commercial dog foods, a busy dog owner can feed its beloved Dachshund in just a snap of the finger. It gives them the chance to skip the hustle of preparing dog meals and go on with their regular activity. However, commercial dog foods do not have equal quality. Some are loaded with calories and with few useful vitamins and minerals. Commercial foods also come in different types, dry and canned dog foods. On the other hand, with homemade dog foods, you can somehow be sure of its nutritional value since you are the one preparing and choosing the ingredients. However, if you are a busy person with little or no time to spare, then this one is not for you.

There is nothing wrong with using commercial dog food as long as it meets the nutritional values needed by your dog. Commercial dog foods vary not just in types but also in formulation. Some contains more protein, some with more carbohydrates. Different dogs need different formulation so it is important for you to find out what your dog really needs.


Dachshunds are small dogs with increased energy levels. They have smaller digestive systems so they need more concentrated food with higher protein and fat levels. Protein can be derived by eating foods such as chicken, fish and egg. If you are giving commercial foods to your dog, just make sure that the food you chose has protein and minerals. Read its label to be sure. There are also foods that help reduce tartar build up and maintain good oral hygiene so it helps if you’ll include these foods in your dog’s diet.

Dog foods doesn’t have to be very expensive or with great advertisement and attractive packaging. Whether it’s a homemade or commercial food, as long as it contains all the necessary elements your dog needs, its enough reason why you should get one and feed it to your adorable Dachshund.
Richard Cussons is a writer and a dog expert.