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These are the books that we use to help us understand how the pet food industry works. There are many telling things – things that you will find deeply disturbing. But it is time to get your head out of the sand and see it for what it is.

The commercial pet food producers have a simple formula:

Use the cheapest materials available from any and all sources (spend pennies on the dollar) + produce the food in places like China where practically anything goes as long as there is a substantial profit + make sure that folks come back week after week to supply their fix = make insane profits just like a drug dealer.

Find out what really goes on. These are great resources and all pet owners should have these books. You will can add 8-10 years or more on to your dog or cat’s life just by doing the following:

  • Remove chemicals from your life and his
  • NO vaccinations
  • NO chemical de-wormers
  • NO cheap crappy commercial pet food
  • NO chemical-based cleaners
  • NO chemical-based yard/garden products
  • NO pesticides
  • NO rodenticides
  • In other words, go organic in every way.
Buy Food Pets Die For from Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food

The commercial pet food industry has a secret to hide – and Ann Martin wants to make sure you know it. Her research reveals some startling facts: that the pet food industry conducts animal testing in order to improve their product, and includes euthanized cats and dogs in the mix to heighten protein content. In this revised and updated edition, Martin continues to explore the shocking processes by which commercial pet foods are produced. Read More…

Buy Not Fit For A Dog from Not Fit For A Dog!: The Truth About Manufactured Dog And Cat Food

Not Fit for a Dog highlights the dangers of modern pet food, how it is unbalanced, creates addiction, and often contains ingredients that can literally poison your pet. It destroys the myths propounded by pet food companies that human food is bad for pets, and that natural food diets are unsafe.

In this revolutionary book, three veterinarians share their expertise to provide an in-depth appraisal of the pet food industry and what people are feeding to their cats and dogs. Read More…

Buy Pet Food Politics from Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua In The Coal Mine

Marion Nestle, acclaimed author of Food Politics, now tells the gripping story of how, in early 2007, a few telephone calls about sick cats set off the largest recall of consumer products in U.S. history and an international crisis over the safety of imported goods ranging from food to toothpaste, tires, and toys. Nestle follows the trail of tainted pet food ingredients back to their source in China and along the supply chain to their introduction into feed for pigs, chickens, and fish in the United States, Canada, and other countries throughout the world. What begins as a problem “merely” for cats and dogs soon becomes an issue of tremendous concern to everyone. Nestle uncovers unexpected connections among the food supplies for pets, farm animals, and people and identifies glaring gaps in the global oversight of food safety.

This is riveting: Read More…

Buy The Nature Of Animal Healing from The Nature of Animal Healing : The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide To Caring For Your Dog And Cat

Responding to an alarming increase in cancer and other diseases in ever-younger pets, Goldstein, founder of the Smith Ridge Veterinary Center in upstate New York, offers a vivid and engrossing account of how toxic environment and poor diet are proving as deadly to our animals as they are to us. “Cancer is the far marker, the defining outer limit of how toxic our world has become, and of what those toxins can do to animals,” writes Goldstein. Declaring himself one of a growing number of holistic veterinarians, Goldstein outlines an approach to healing that revolves around strengthening the immune system through diet and such holistic healing techniques as acupuncture and homeopathy, so that an animal can heal itself. Read More…

Buy Natural Health For Dogs And Cats from Dr. Pitcairn’s New Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs And Cats

Over 400,000 copies of this treasured classic have been sold since its original publication more than 20 years ago. The book that is the definitive guide to a natural lifestyle for dogs and cats is now completely updated and revised for the first time in 9 years. Writing with the warmth and compassion that have won them a national following, veterinarian Richard H. Pitcairn and his wife Susan Hubble Pitcairn, noted specialists in chemical-free nutrition and natural healing for pets, show dog and cat owners how to provide the very best in companionship and lifelong care. They now cover environmental matters, including pollutants both inside the home and out, as well as recent hot-button topics, such as Mad Cow disease, Lyme disease, and the West Nile virus. Read More…

Buy What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines from What Vets Don’t Tell You About Vaccines

Scary reading – REAL TRUTH!!

We people have a tendency to believe that anyone whom we think knows more than we do, are “gods”. By this definition all that we don’t understand, and that people tell us, we tend to believe and honor as true…like sheep in a herd we follow the leader.

Ms O’Driscoll makes sure that NO ONE who reads this book will be left untouched by the facts she uncovers. And it is not one fact, it is one after another! One more horrifying than the other. She shows that very many of today’s allergies; asthma, arthritis etc are really often due to immunization and booster vaccines.

I say, this book is not only good, it is NECESSARY! Read The Rest Of This Testimonial…

Buy Natural Immunity from Natural Immunity – Why You Should Not Vaccinate

From the very first paragraph of this book, it is obvious that Pat McKay’s only concern is to warn people about the toxicity of vaccines and the damage they do to our pets. Even as a veterinarian, she is definitely not “on the fence” about the validity and/or benefits of vaccinations, and after I finished reading this book, neither was I. It taught me a lot, including some compelling historical facts like what was really behind the “Swine Flu Epidemic.” Overall, a most radical and bravely informative book. My hat is off to Pat for daring to tell the truth. Read More Testimonials…

The Healing Touch For Dogs The Healing Touch For Dogs

Distinguished veterinarian and animal psychologist Dr. Michael W. Fox shares his pioneering 6-step dog massage technique, which is not only a healing tool and healthcare measure, but also affirms the bond between you and your animal companion. Drawn from more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Fox provides an orientation to basic dog anatomy, physiology, and psychology, and then addresses, through easy-to-read instructions and detailed illustrations and photos. Read more testimonials!

Buy Dog Treat Recipes Dog Treat RecipesGrab 400 Dog Food Recipes – Instant Download

Great tasting organic dog food recipes that are healthy because you and your dog made them fresh in your own kitchen. These are perfect holistic dog food recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Indeed it can be challenging to find hypoallergenic dog foods that are palatable and more of a natural holistic dog food, that is why you will be able to control what goes in as you make it yourself.

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