Triumph Dog Food

Why is it so hard to find a nutritionally-sound, chemical and synthetic-free dog food?

After all, there seems to be many choices on the supermarket shelves, so it should be a simple matter, right?

Well, unfortunately not, so let’s take a closer look.

Question: if you cannot (legally) print your own money, what is the next best thing?

Answer: get in the pet food business!

If you don’t believe us, check out the following, which will at least surprise you, possibly shock you, and maybe even anger you:

  1. It is largely unregulated/under-regulated. You can literally put almost anything in a bag and call it dog food.
  2. You can use shavings off the floor, you can use genetically modified soy (i.e. soy that was grown in the lab using many chemicals, including a ton of female hormones to accelerate the growth), for vitamins you just need to spray it on after, and for protein you can use dead animals that died of Parvo, were euthanized (killed by a vet), or had any other infectious disease.
  3. You spend pennies and make $20 or $30 per bag.
  4. Since the product contains NO nutrition, just fillers, additives, preservatives, steroids, food dyes, excessive sugar, and a slew of dangerous chemicals, the dog ends up consuming large quantities each day, never really feeling satisfied. This means you are back to the store each week – kind of like getting a drug fix.
  5. Once folks are hooked, they will come back over and over again and again for years to come. People like their brands and don’t want to change.

Who would turn away billions for so little effort? Certainly not Mars – did you know that Pedigree and Whiskas are part of their brand? So, how does a big candy manufacturer become an expert in pet foods? When you have enough cash to buy your way in – apparently that is all that it takes these days.

If you are greedy and you are looking for huge profits with no accountability, then just buy into the whole commercial dog food industry. You can get away with murder and make insane profits to boot.

To find out more ugly details about the pet food industry, please visit our Recommended Reading List. Those tell-all books will open your eyes to what really goes into making pet food and you will be shocked and outraged to say the least. Pick them up before they too somehow become banned reading materials.

A Pleasant Surprise

Pros: Simple and easy

I travel a lot for business and it is always a hassle to pick up enough food for my dogs (yellow lab & golden retriever) on a consistent basis. Besides, constantly sending the wife and kids to the store to pick up 40lb of food does not always make for a “warm homecoming”.

After researching Triumph’s ingredients I decided to order a bag and see if my dogs would make the transition to a new food – they loved it! Candidly I was surprised because my golden is somewhat of a picky-eater and she did not hesitate making the transition to Triumph’s lamb & rice food.

After considering the time, cost and hassle of picking up dog food before or after a trip this is a simple and effective way to keep everyone at home “fat & happy”! (Mike, Montana)

Now, we had to do some real digging to find a natural dog food diet that would meet or exceed our criteria:

  1. NO corn, wheat, or soy
  2. NOT poultry-based
  3. NO chemicals
  4. NO chemical preservatives
  5. NO additives
  6. NO unnecessary food colorings
  7. NO excessive amounts of sugar
  8. NO bone meal
  9. NO by-products
  10. NO reported problems on the site

Triumph Dog FoodAfter searching high and low, we finally found Triumph Dog Food.

It meets the criteria above, it comes in 20 and 40 lb bags, and it works great as a healthy puppy food, the best senior dog food, as well as all of the other stages of his life.

It can also be shipped to your door for very reasonable shipping fees (compared to the gas and the time it takes to make trips to stand in long lines at the grocery store each week).

Here’s a little more about this dog food.

Wholesome dog food that was developed to fulfill the promise of complete nutrition from natural formulations, Triumph Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food does just that.

  • Single source protein.
  • Formula starts with high quality lamb meal to help build sleek and strong muscle tissue.
  • Natural ingredients, only the highest quality natural ingredients are used.
  • Premium carbohydrates, highly digestible rice cereal grain with natural antioxidants for energy and endurance.
  • Specially formulated for an optimal ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, plus twice the recommended level of linoleic acid.
  • Optimum levels of glucosamine and Chondroitin for healthy joints and cartilage.
  • Firmer, smaller stools, made with highly digestible rice and oatmeal plus desirable beet pulp fiber.
  • No corn, wheat, or soy.
  • No by-products.
  • No bone meal.
  • Naturally preserved.

Test your knowledge – take our little Dog Food Ingredients Quiz.

What’s on our Banned Ingredients List?

Here’s what else we found about this product – see our Dog Food Ingredients page.

Find out what is really going on in the pet-food industry (this is both shocking and scandalous) see our Recommended Reading List.

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  1. Cathie Jensen says:

    I was wondering if you offer any coupons or frequent buyer programs. We really love your dog food and are trying to keep the cost down. The store where I purchase it from suggested that I contact.

    Thank you,

  2. brian edmondson says:

    My dog’s love your food and we have been buying it for years from Costco, but I went to do another order online, and there was no Triumph on the Costco website. Please help!!! Urgent need of more Chicken & Rice for our fur babies.

  3. Barbara says:

    Hi there. Do you guys make cat food, as well?

  4. Blametruth says:

    That last one seems like a lie. Barbara post a question at 4:25 and then the admin posts something at 4:26 am. Really? you stayed there at 4 in the morning and took less than a minute to answer? BS alert

    • Admin says:

      We’re sorry but your BS detector appears to be broken, as we are often up at this hour, working at our computers. (And no, we didn’t stay up specially just to reply to your comment – we are actually working right now, responding to another of our customers, and building a new website.)

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